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Alessandra Tezanos is the jewelry designer who looks further on the ordinary for the great pieces of Azzurrata. Her passion for jewelry begun since her childhood. Alessandra grew up having the desire to create the pieces she felt most comfortable to. 


Her fascination with elegance, versatility and simplicity was developed by seeing her Italian Grandmother dressing on her jewelry with so much delicacy. That’s when Alessandra knew she wanted to design jewels that ensures the power, and the beauty every women have to own.


Since January 2017, Alessandra has been the CEO of Azzurrata Jewelry. Her aspiration is to incorporate to Azzurrata innovative jewelry techniques, that will keep seeking day by day. In her teenage years, she attend to an Intermediate Jewelry Design course at Chavon Art School and an Advanced Jewelry course at FundArte School in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 


Alessandra graduated from Business Administration so she could implement all her knowledge into Azzurrata Jewelry company. Alessandra took private jewelry courses with a well-known jeweler at her favorite place in Santo Domingo, our Colonial Zone. Where she works with artisans and produces her pieces in a workshop studio.  


Alessandra Tezanos keeps day by day challenging her desire of creating simple statement pieces, adding that little extra sparkle Azzurrata can awaken to in every woman's attire and personality.


The name "Azzurra" means Blue in Italian and “Azzurrata” means sea, ocean, coast. Everything this island means to our designer. She took a small piece of her Italian grandmother and this island, and turned it into one. 


Azzurrata keeps growing and innovating day by day. The dream of our jewelry designer is to provide to its customers all the simplicity, elegance, and personalization through her pieces. So they can collect memories from her creations. Jewels with quality that lasts forever.

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Designed and made in the caribbean, Dominican Republic.


100% carefully handmade by talented jewelers. Azzurrata pieces will bring a delicate and sophisticated detailing. Our fine jewelry pieces are made with 14K/18K Gold and 950 Sterling Silver, for a superior quality that will bring a piece that will last forever by your side. 

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